In circle you will 

  • Connect with other women
  • Feel seen and heard
  • Be supported and empowered
  • Learn tools to improve your relationships, health, and mindset
When we gather, it is as our true, beautiful, messy, radiant, shy, boisterous, dark, imperfect, perfect, light selves.
In a space where you are safe to be authentic, to voice whatever needs to come out, to be who you are in this moment without judgment and with support and love.
There's no need to hide or to pretend. There's no need to hold back or push forward. There's no need to DO anything other than BE. Join us to experience profound love, massive support, and deep connection - with yourself and other women. 
  • Mary Janssen is extraordinary at creating and holding space in circles. Her warm, inviting essence makes you feel safe, secure, and supported! Mary is a magical space holder! She witnesses and gives reflections that are clear, loving, and concise. Her reflections and the way in which she holds a safe and loving container for people is unparalleled! Join Mary in circle to experience this yourself!!!!"
    - Jill

Upcoming Connect Deep-Her Circle

When: TBA
Where: Virtual via Zoom
Duration: 1 hour
Investment: $12 

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  • Mary is deeply devoted to her clients and has studied her work deeply. After working with Mary I feel deeply understood, completely supported and clear about what action I need to take. She brings women together and gently and lovingly makes the impossible doable, offers unwavering support and then celebrates your journey. She is a gentle, optimistic and powerful presence. I recommend her work highly!"
    - Elissa
  • Mary's soft and loving energy invites you into your own heart space and reminds you of the calm within. Her bravery around her own inner work and her willingness to be vulnerable makes her a sovereign space holder in circle and in 1:1 work. Anytime I connect with Mary, I am reminded of the divine light that shines in all of us. I am reminded of hope, peace and love which brings me back to the truth of who I am so I can continue on my path with confidence. I am honored to call her Sister and to have her on my journey with me."
    - Sarah
  • Mary Janssen is such a powerful space holder that creates such a safe place for sister circles. She has such a loving essence that immediately invites safety and connection for support. When I first sat in circle with Mary her loving energy made me feel at ease. I finally felt witnessed and fully supported. I know that this is an experience all woman should join."
    - Dani

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