When we gather, it is as our true, beautiful, messy, radiant, shy, boisterous, dark, imperfect, perfect, light selves.
In a space where you are safe to be authentic, to voice whatever needs to come out, to be who you are in this moment without judgment and with support and love.
There's no need to hide or to pretend. There's no need to hold back or push forward. There's no need to DO anything other than BE. Join us to experience profound love, massive support, and deep connection - with yourself and other women. 

Each circle will be unique and may include any of the following: journaling, movement, energy
healing, meditation, personalized life coaching, and more. Come as you are. Consider wearing
comfortable clothes, bringing a favorite beverage, and having a pen and paper or journal handy.

Upcoming Connect Deep-Her Circle

When: Sunday, April 3, 2022
               2:00 pm Central Time
Where: Virtual via Zoom
Duration: 45-60 minutes

If you long for deeper connection and a safe place to be your authentic self, don't miss our next Connect Deep-Her Circle!

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