I want to be happier and healthier!

  • Learn emergency stress relief strategies for eliminating stress in the moment
  • Carve out time for yourself in your over packed day
  • Transform how you handle stressful times so you are less cranky toward your partner and kids

May the LORD give strength to his people! May the LORD bless his people with peace! (Psalm 29:11)

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Why you need the Stronger than Stress Program:

If you are overwhelmed with taking care of everyone else around you, leaving no time to take care of yourself.

If you eat junk food when stressed, or completely lose your appetite or just forget to eat.

If stress keeps you from enjoying the simple things in life.

If stress make you cranky toward your loved ones.

If you want to become happier.

If you long for peace and calm.

If, as you are working, raising your family, running your household, and volunteering, you can feel the stress piling up with each new commitment.

With less than 5 minutes a day, you CAN become Stronger than Stress!

I am strong!

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I'm so busy! How can I fit this in?



This daily video series can be squeezed in whenever (and some parts wherever) works best for you because all the videos are less than 5 minutes.



Use the workbook to target your stress triggers and habits and learn to overcome your stress so you can start enjoying the fullness of life again!

I can spare less than 5 minutes a day

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What's included

24+ videos - each less than 5 minutes to fit into even the busiest day

The Workbook and Journal - with daily inspirational quotes, gratitudes, and more

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  • 40 Stress Relief Ideas

  • The Desk Stretch PDF - print this out and keep it by your desk

  • A specialized list for the order of videos and worksheets to make the most out of your 28 days

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